I see a child- so safe and sound,
with friends and family gathered round,
no worries for the life ahead,
no monsters underneath the bed.

I see a house where youth was spent,
a garden where the dog was sent,
a street where children laughed all day,
a school yard where they used to play.

I see a birthday- cake and all,
an accidental trip and fall,
a mother hugs the hurt away,
her kiss means more than words can say.

I see a car that travelled well,
the distance one could never tell,
a happiness in every face,
no need to rush nor up the pace.

I see a dance, a first love’s kiss,
a time of hope and total bliss,
a child growing to a man,
a future set out to a plan.

I see a man, his glowing bride,
their families so full of pride,
so many friends are gathered ’round,
nothing but love and laughther found.

I see another place called home,
another child not yet grown,
another street where children play
another life begins today.

my journey shown within these scenes,
my youth now lost but in these dreams,
the pictures end, the pages fold,
I close the book, this chapter told.

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