Heroes, we were born to be,
Seeking out our destiny,
Striving for a better life,
Free from pain, disease and strife,

Heroes, we were meant to be,
Known for all eternity,
Searching for what none have found,
All across this ancient ground,

Heroes, we could never be,
Slaves to our mortality,
Reaching for the stars in vain,
All our tears lost in the rain.

2 thoughts on “Trusade”

  1. Have you ever caught the fact that nothing in poetry can be denied in a way or a certain level of knowledge. Like you cant say that any thing or any of this is a lie. Heroes were ment to be. We all deserve to be free from pain, heroes should be known forever if not then where is the history of our future. We are on a ancient ground arn't thee? We really arn't slaves to mortality,we do reach for the best,and tears are forgotten. Am I wrong??

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