True Love

As I lay down in my bed,
My thoughts begin to roam my head,
And as I think things through and through,
All I can think of is YOU,
Once that thought is on my mind,
I leave this troubled world behind,
And travel to a wondrous place,
Far above the Human Race,

For in this place my heart is free,
To state my claim of love to thee,
So if you feel the same way too,
And if your claim of love is true,
Then I will see you in that place,
Far above the Human Race,

And in this place, I do declare,
Our souls will make the perfect pair,
Our love, the fruit of ancient myth,
It’s you to whom my heart is with,
I wish that we were in that place,
Far above the Human Race,

I’ve sat and thought for hours on end,
To find an answer, I intend,
I search my mind over again,
To pry this answer from its den,
A single question, yet to ask,
To find the answer, is your task,
What is name of this place,
So far above the Human Race?

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