If only I could touch your face,
and tell you how you have hurt me,
to make our two souls one again,
restore what once was you and me.

A vampire’s bite may sting and bleed,
but that’s nothing to what you’ve done,
my heart broke into a million pieces,
why could you not leave it as one?

You gave me strength when I was weak,
but it was fake- though I believed,
no one can question what was done,
for it was me that you deceived.

Maybe someday I’ll forgive,
on the day this pain subsides,
I’ll never stop my love for you,
although our love is like the tides,

It rises up and covers all,
then it sinks, beneath the shore,
I really hope we’ll be together,
my love for you goes to the core.

All I hope is that you change,
for as you are, you make me cry,
for this is true, I swear it is,
I’ll love you till the day I die,

But love and like are different things,
I love you more than I can say,
but I don’t like what you’ve become,
if you can change in that one way,

Then I could like you once again,
if that was done, I know we would,
be together once again,
I really do believe we could.

So, my love, I say once more,
change for me, and I’ll be yours once more,
the love we had was something special,
to be with you is what I long for.

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