Here am I- alone and scared,
A wanderer still unprepared,
A hero with no battles won,
A shadow waiting for the sun.

Here am I- forever lost,
A sacrifice not worth the cost,
A star devoid of energy,
A soul without a destiny.

Here am I- in need of love,
A demon cast from high above,
A whisper of an ancient sound,
A blight upon this sacred ground.

4 thoughts on “Stray”

  1. Nekatu, how you read my mind. !!!!!!!! This is exactly me. I feel and am a nomad and a gypsy. Have been all my life. Will I be like this forever?

  2. to a degree- yes; but we all meet others along the way who travel with us for part of the way- some parts last longer than others. but it's the journey that's important- and the fun you have along the way that makes the ending worthwhile! 😉

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