Stark Eye Night

Lights are dimmed in hallways dark,
But for a door marked “Thomas Stark”,
A shadow steps up to the door,
One knock, two, and then one more,

“Come in, please”, our hero cries,
In she comes, tears in her eyes,
“Help me, please! My baby’s gone!”
“They said you’d help- that you’re the one!”

Tom takes her in and sits her down,
A stunning girl despite her frown,
“Of course I’ll help- I’m here for you-”
“Please tell me what I need to do!”

She smiles then- a sight to see,
Her hair like golden destiny,
“Oh, thank you! I’m so very glad!”
“She’s run away- I feel so bad!”

Now Thomas looks on in a haze,
Confused and lost and in a daze,
“You’re baby’s run away?” he says,
“I’ve never heard of such a phrase!”

She laughs- a sound so sweet and light,
He watches her- each curve so right,
“Oh, silly me, I should have said-”
“I’ve lost my dog- right from her bed!”

So Thomas laughs- the story clear,
“Ah, now I see; and don’t you fear!”
“When was it that you saw her last?”
“What is her name? we must move fast!”

Our lady stands and takes Tom’s hand,
Her hands are soft- no wedding band,
“Her name is ‘Sparkles’, such a dear-”
“I saw her last two blocks from here!”

Young Thomas guides her to the door,
He grabs his coat from off the floor,
“We’ll find her- don’t you worry, miss!”
“and when we do, perhaps a kiss?”

Her blushing cheek caused Tom to smile,
On they went to search each mile,
No more than two or three roads gone,
They heard a bark from the next one,

“Sparkles? is that you my dear?”
“please come back home- I need you near!”
A massive mound of mammoth fur,
Came rushing at them in a blur,

“Is that your baby ‘sparkles’, love?”
“I hope it is… heavens above!”
As Sparkles ran towards them both,
Young Thomas took a solemn oath-

To stand his ground and be man,
As falling was not in his plan,
Yet when the dog had made a stop,
Both man and woman there did drop,

Yet both did laugh and cry with joy,
As Tom felt like a playground boy,
Then standing up, she took his arm,
and on they walked now safe from harm,

With Sparkles loyal at their side,
They returned safe and went inside,
And thus our hero won his prize,
While staring deep into love’s eyes.

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