A certain something missing,
A vital part of me,
A missing puzzle piece I could not keep indefinitely.

You were all that I needed,
You were all I could want,
You couldn’t know how much you’d mean or what our time would grant.

I have to let you go for now,
I have to find a way,
I need to cope without you and not count each painful day.

You know how much I love you,
You know I need you here,
You feel the same as I do and you’ll share each lonely tear.

If only for a moment,
If only in our dreams,
If only what we are was really all the things it seems.

You’re more than simply special,
You’re more than I could hope,
You’re someone without whom I cannot live or even cope.

Don’t stay away for too long,
Don’t leave me here alone,
Don’t let yourself forget the love and bond that we have grown.

You’re more than just my best friend,
You’re truly my soul mate,
You’re in the best and worst of what I know will be my fate.

Time will give us peace again,
Time will bring you home,
Time is all we ever need until when next you roam.

You’ll always have a place here,
You’ll always share my heart,
You’ll never be forgotten even though we have to part.

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