across these lands of varied minds,
live creatures born of different kinds,
each of which is taught the way,
to live and love, to work and play,
this knowledge is, without a doubt,
impossible to live without,
knowledge, given by another,
mother, sister, father, brother,
no creature can learn this alone,
the only way is to be shown,
and so we all must co-exist,
and never must we try resist,
for every creature, man and beast,
must try to live as one, at least,
if we fail, we all shall be,
no longer part of land or sea,
but if we try, and we succeed,
we all will live, for this great deed,
for peace is not a foreign dream,
nor as impossible as it would seem,
if we can all just make it work,
no longer will an evil lurk,
no longer would we live in fear,
no longer would we shed a tear,
peace is not up in the skies,
it’s here if we open our eyes,
see not the world you’re told to see,
but see instead what it could be,
a place where we can all be free,
man & beast in harmony,
and so I leave you with a choice,
to put unto your inner voice,
live in peace, or die at war,
we all decide the final score,
I do believe this is the way,
we all must live from day to day,
if we all wish to survive,
cast aside your doubts and strive,
to bring together all the earth,
regardless of belief or birth,
the choice is yours, and yours alone,
at stake, your life and all you own.

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