Whispered thoughts in jaded minds,
hidden acts through shaded blinds,
secret touches cloaked in dreams,
world outside forgot it seems,
Muffled cries kept under wraps,

metal chains on leather straps,
gagged and bound a writhing wreck,
hands entwined on pulsing neck,
Fingers claw through satin hair,

teeth bite deep on skin so fair,
blood and sweat combine in flow,
motion steady; hard yet slow,
Beaded sweat on oiled thighs,

skin on skin as passions rise,
power play as hearts beat fast,
primal lust released at last,
Passion flows to dizzying height,

slave submits to pleasured might,
another thrust of brutal power,
forces slave again to cower,
Quivering with lust and fear,

pleasure bringing climax near,
hearts together, thighs entwined,
eternally their souls combined.

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