Love Undone

Once we shared a single heart,
Never dreamed we’d be apart,
Found all that we needed here,
Never felt the grip of fear,

Now we share these broken shards,
All this fighting on the cards,
Finding we have nothing left,
All our feelings long bereft,

Once we shared a single life,
Seldom grieved or wept in strife,
Found our days were full of light,
Seldom felt the cold of night,

Now we share this empty life,
Gone the days of man and wife,
Finding secrets in the lies,
Gone the love that glazed our eyes,

Once we shared a single thought,
Always made up when we fought,
Lost ourselves in each embrace,
Always felt there was no race,

Now we share no thoughts at all,
Nothing there to break our fall,
Losing what still kept us friends,
Nothing left when true love ends.

8 thoughts on “Love Undone”

  1. Depends how much of a true romantic you are… but love, like man, is fallible and only as strong as the people who share it and the world they live in. 😉

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