I walk a path that none can see,
Just half of who I aught to be,
Apart from all so near to me,
Imprisoned by my destiny,

I walk a path that none can know,
Just following where I must go,
A glimpse is all that I can show,
Enslaved to wander to and fro,

I walk a path that none can flee,
Just watching all that I could be,
A shadow that no one can see,
This shade that is the real me.

10 thoughts on “Kageoni”

  1. Alodie- its Japanese for 'Shadow Demon'. That should help explain some of the meaning behind the poem. 🙂

  2. Casey- we all are; if you believe in "destiny" then you have no choice but to follow the path- and in that way you are imprisoned by it. 😉

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