73LL M3 UR 53CR375,
73LL M3 UR CR1M35,
73LL M3 480U7 UR 600D & 84D 71M35.
61V3 M3 UR F4M1LY,
61V3 M3 UR FR13ND5,
61V3 M3 7H3 7H0U6H75 7H47 34CH 0N3 D3F3ND5,
5H0W M3 UR C0MM3N75,
5H0W M3 UR L1K35,
5H0W M3 34CH P05E 7H47 V4N17Y 57R1K35,
1 KN0W UR 570R135,
1 KN0W UR L135,
1 KN0W WH3R3 U R 4ND H0W 7H3 71M3 FL135,
1 H0LD 4LL UR DR34M5,
1 H0LD 4LL UR L1V35,
1 H0LD 3V3RY7H1N6 U L0V3 4ND D35P153,
1 4M UR N3W M4573R,
1 4M UR N3W L0RD,
1 4M 7H3 N3W L34D3R 0F 4LL WH0 4R3 80R3D.

10 thoughts on “F4C3800K”

  1. lol- it's not that tough once you get used to it… "1" is "I"; "3" is "E", "4" is "A", "5" is "S", "6" is "G", "7" is "T", "8" is "B", "0" is "O"… 😉

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