Dream Girl

In the dream I had last night,
I saw an angel dressed in white,
Surrounded by a shining aura,
A-kin to that of the aurora,
She turned and stared, her gaze like fire,
Her eyes, they made my head perspire,
And as I stared into those eyes,
My heart, it leapt into the skies,
At last I felt alive, and whole,
For she had touched my very soul,
And then a spell, she cast upon me,
Binding me, her slave-to-be,
Not bound by body, nor by mind,
She bound my heart, on which she signed,
‘We are one, now and forever,
From now on we’ll be together’
So, a question for you now,
Who was the girl who made this vow?
The answer is, and this is true,
the girl I dreamt about is YOU.
And so a vow I make to you,
For that is all that I can do,
‘I give to you my word and bond,
My love will last, now and beyond’
For my heart belongs to you,
Anything you say, I’ll do,
My love for you will last forever,
I hope one day we’ll be together,
And so my love, my one and only,
Please don’t ever leave me lonely,
For now that I have you, my love,
My heart can reach the clouds above,
I’ll love you till the day I die,
For if I lost you, I would cry,
My life would have no worth at all,
My soaring heart would quickly fall,
For I was made to be with you,
And that’s a fact, I know is true,
For our love was meant to be,
One heart, one whole, just you and me,
Our love, the alpha and omega,
Our love, the perfect true-love saga,
One day I’ll be with you my love,
And then we’ll reach the clouds above.
This I swear, my solemn vow,
Alas it cannot happen now,
But for now, I give to you,
The gift of love, a love that’s true.
I give this gift to you in tears,
a gift to last you through the years,
for you and I are bound together,
a bond to last for now, forever!

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