Double Edge

Two sides of a broken coin,
Living out these lonely days,
Two paths that can never join,
Going on our separate ways,

Two hearts sharing just one beat,
Reaching out with love in mind,
Two souls joined in this defeat,
Wanting what we cannot find,

Too far from what could have been,
Living with what has been done,
Too long cut from this great scene,
Though this could have been the one,

Too late for our show to start,
Promises too hard to break,
Too much love to share a heart,
Choices far too hard to make,

To the team we cannot be,
Though life puts us to the test,
To the dream we’ll never see,
Though the pain still fills my chest,

To the life we’ve never known,
Love was not for you and me,
To the end we walk alone,
For we cannot be set free.

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