Dark Walk

I live and walk the world at night,
my home and haven have no light,
my heart and soul are black and grim,
my life is filled with naught but sin,

I live alone and without hope,
I often wonder how I cope,
I live on death, and feed on life,
I lavish in each mortal’s strife,

I walk amongst you through the dark,
as if I’m some immortal shark,
I hunger for all that you’ve seen,
my lust is for what could have been,

I fear not death, but feareth life,
it cuts me deep, as if a knife,
it’s blade runs right into my core,
I wonder if I will endure,

I once had hopes and dreams and prayers,
I once had love and faith and cares,
alas I’ve lost all that I had,
enslaved and chained, my soul is bad,

I call to mortals, through the cold,
please value that which you hold,
that which I, and many more,
have lost, now and forever more,

Think about the world around,
each tiny ant upon the ground,
and value all that life has here,
and never hide from any fear,

We call you from the darkened cave,
deep within an earthly grave,
Think before you enter here,
live your life, cry a tear,

Live a life of joyous games,
and seek all that this life contains,
This life is yours and that is all,
and never to the depths you’ll fall.

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