Broken Heart

The day is cold, the sky is dark,
upon my heart you’ve left a mark,
a scar that will not ever heal,
never again, true love I’ll feel,

In my heart, I do despair,
I have no love, nor any care,
for anything within this life,
for anyone, this bitter strife,

The day you left, my life did end,
my heart and soul, no way to mend,
I never thought that what we had,
would end so soon nor feel so bad,

I thought I’d learnt to hold my heart,
to stop love ripping me apart,
our love, I thought would last forever,
I thought we’d always be together,

So now I hope you’re satisfied,
my heart, my soul, you’ve crucified,
you broke my heart, split it in two,
then threw it down, crushed by your shoe,

My life will never be the same,
you once were nice, it’s such a shame,
what you’ve become is something mean,
my love for you, you did demean,

You were my first, and now my last,
my love has died, so very fast.
so now I live, yet have no love,
my heart no longer soars above,

What once was us, is now no more,
of that fact, I am now sure,
I leave you now, in all my pain,
I doubt you’ll ever feel the same,

This is the last you’ll hear from me,
I wish it did not have to be,
but this is all that I can do,
to save my life, no thanks to you,

Farewell to you, young miss heart-breaker,
good bye to you, young miss love-killer,
I hope you find the one for you,
and never know what I’ve been through.

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