The world outside is full of light,
there is no fear, no hate, no night,
love and life are free to all,
no one can hear the darkness call,

The world outside is colder now,
I feel the fear, the hateful row,
love is scarce, so very rare,
I hear the darkness, feel it’s snare,

The world outside grows darker still,
I’m losing hope, I’ve no free will,
the darkness grows ever stronger,
I wonder if I’ll last much longer,

The world outside is black and cold,
my very soul feels weak and old,
I gaze into the shadowed lake,
my eyes, my hands, seem somehow fake,

The world outside has but one light,
one tiny glimmer through the blight,
a fire burning deep within,
I feel it’s warmth throughout my skin,

The world outside is brighter now,
I see it glow, I hear it’s vow,
I hear no darkness, feel no fear,
in happiness I shed a tear,

The world outside is full of light,
there is no fear, nor endless night,
my heart and soul feel full of life,
for now, you see, you are my wife.

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