Art of Life

Sketch your life into my mind,
Fill the shadows with your pain,
Leave all troubled thoughts behind,
Here with me you’re safe again.

Paint my love upon your heart,
Frame your soul in my embrace,
Sign this precious work of art,
Keep it in that special place.

Carve your dreams into my skin,
Trace a path that links each one,
Separate the hate within,
Free yourself from all you’ve done.

Forge a perfect world from this,
Sculpted from our flesh and bone,
Somewhere safe in endless bliss,
Far from all you’ve ever known.

3 thoughts on “Art of Life”

  1. Nekatu, If only you knew how special those words are to me. It truely gives me a reason to pick myselfe up and carry on. How I wish I had had someone say that to me before.It means the world to me. I now feel wanted and needed. You have taken a load off my mind. Thank you so much my friend.

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