Engyl Lleferydd

Angels high above the earth,
gave to you this gift at birth,
a gift to sing like those above,
a voice that brings both joy and love,

Each time i hear your wondrous voice,
my heart and soul, they do rejoice,
you bring me up when i am down,
you make me smile each time i frown,

your music is my guiding light,
my guardian in the darkened night,
a burning torch within the dark,
upon each quest that i embark,

lost, without your voice, i’d be,
it means so very much to me,
your talent is by no means small,
you are a gift from god, to all,

an angel’s voice is seldom found,
but with such voice, you have been crowned,
please stay with us and sing your song,
forever would not be too long.

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