Taylor of Two Hearts

A poem for two very dear friends on their special day.

When soul mates come together they will bond and never part,
The best of these go deeper in the sharing of a heart,
Though it may not have seemed obvious to some right from the start,
None could now deny the truth and love you both impart.

As you start this latest chapter in the story of your life,
You’ll find that not much changes just by being man and wife,
There will be good and bad times where both love and pain are rife,
But you’ll be there for each other through the happiness and strife.

You’ve shared the best and worst of times and lived to tell the tale,
And years from now you’ll still be here with stories to regale,
Come what may throughout your days and all life may entail,
Combined you are unstoppable and cannot fall or fail.

There will be darker days ahead and many times of doubt,
But both of you know well enough just what this life’s about,
You’ve learnt each other’s weaknesses and how to work things out,
Each found when you should let things be and when you need to shout.

Remember that you’re not alone in all that lies in store,
That those you love and care for have been through this all before,
They’ll help you find a balance when you’re stuck on keeping score,
And put you on the right path when your ego’s bruised and sore.

For those who know and love you there can be no doubt or fear,
This long awaited union will be cause for nought but cheer,
It is only in happiness that some may shed a tear,
As we all unite to celebrate with two hearts we hold dear.

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