Don’t swear at that reflection of the clouds upon your screen,
That burst of light from high above obscuring what has been,
You do not need to know what everyone has done or seen,
Nor do you need to follow where the crowd might go or lean.

Don’t dwell on flawless selfies or the posts of yesteryear,
The past can be forgotten without cause for doubt or fear,
You are more than the sum of every shared smile or tear,
More than the likes and comments of those strangers you hold dear.

Don’t live within the memory of a plastic-coated dream,
That manufactured happiness worth less than it may seem,
You have a brighter purpose than your state of mind might gleam,
A chance to change your future if you let the light redeem.

Don’t spend another minute on a pixelated lie,
The truth is just above you in the azure coated sky,
You only have this moment to live before you die,
So step away from all that’s fake and give real life a try.

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