Zero Hour

The world has been infected,
and we are all to blame,
our silence a condition,
obedience our shame.

Our species is a parasite,
a plague upon these lands,
our greed and our ambition,
like blood upon our hands.

When all of this is over,
if we run out of time,
the future will not wait for us,
the past will be our crime.

The world is now neglected,
and we must face the flame,
inaction is our legacy,
complacency our game.

There has to be a reckoning,
there needs to be a change,
a time for something different,
the chance to rearrange.

If life is meant for all of us,
if hope still has a chance,
we have to break the pattern,
and learn a different dance.

The world can be corrected,
despite what some may claim,
we have to take this moment,
and never be the same.

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